Wellness marketing and nonprofit marketing for a brighter, balanced future.

Wellness marketing and nonprofit marketing for a brighter, balanced future.

Doctors take care of patients. We take care of doctors.

Selene Marketing in Bend, Oregon specializes in wellness marketing and nonprofit marketing. Our team offers web design, branding, and social media support designed for small businesses striving to make a big impact.

Reimagining Wellness for Modern culture.

It's important to do things that connect you - to your business, your audience, and your mission. A website that makes scheduling and getting essential information easy for your audience means less stress in your business and more time doing what you love

We build strong relationships between good companies and their audiences so you can support others without burning out.


our founder

Cassandra's mission is helping those who have dedicated themselves to helping others through wellness marketing and nonprofit marketing. 

Cassandra is the founder of Selene Marketing in Bend, Oregon and a wellness culture educator for publications from Thrive Global (Arianna Huffington’s wellness enterprise) to Freelancers Union and Buzzfeed. She studied New Media at UC Santa Barbara and Web Development at Stanford.

Her passion for wellness is informed by her personal experience with chronic illness and her deep and long-standing interest in health, education, and wellbeing. With 10 years of digital marketing experience in the health and wellness sectors, Cassandra has managed the reputations, content, and digital marketing strategies of practitioners across the country. Today, she works in close partnership with each client to build custom solutions that address their specific strengths and goals.

Cassandra Miasnikov, founder of Selene Marketing, specializes in wellness marketing and nonprofit marketing.

Cassandra Miasnikov, founder of Selene Marketing, specializes in wellness marketing and nonprofit marketing.


Heather Anderson - Graphic Design

A PNW native and creative, her initial love of art stems from her childhood after becoming inspired by the work of Da Vinci and her mother.

After studying design at Washington State University and abroad in Italy, Heather returned to pursue design and concept development. Today, she inspires our team with her eye for fine detail, color palettes, and organizational prowess.


Emerson Hughes - Content Intern

Born and raised in Bend, Emerson has his finger on the pulse of Central Oregon’s culture. His ability to empathize with the needs of clients and his inventive problem-solving make him indispensable to our team.

When not pouring his heart and soul into crafting beautiful content, he can be found expressing that same vibrancy and emotion through playing piano and guitar for several bands around town.


Our Story

why you matter to us so much.

Cassandra put herself through college, and worked 3 jobs to do so. Unfortunately, she was working to pay for classes she had to skip to work. Perhaps because she was burning the candle at both ends, she became extremely sick in her second year of college, and struggled with chronic illness for several years. She quickly learned how difficult it was to find a good doctor - one who not only had good reviews, but one who was easy to reach online. 

She realized wasn't the only person who struggled with finding the right practitioner. Unfortunately, most people who are extremely sick don't have the time and energy to seek out their perfect provider, because important information is often left off of a doctor’s website.

Her first job right out of college was working one-on-one with small business owners at Yelp to help them grow. During her time there, she learned that a business's local reputation could make or break them - and that few business owners had the time and experience to take charge of their reputations online. Cassandra discovered that many practices don’t know how to highlight where they shine. Ironically, many businesses spend so much time on managing their own wellness marketing and nonprofit marketing that business owners often feel they have to sacrifice their wellbeing for that of their business.

That's why we started Selene Marketing - to help you achieve balance while helping others, and to pair the right patients with their perfect practitioners.


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