Web Design in Bend, Oregon: Why You're Not Getting Conversions

How to Use Web Design in Bend, Oregon to Land New Clients

Every day, new people search online for ways to feel better and get connected, which means there’s more opportunity than ever to get clients through your web design in Bend, Oregon. Today, your reputation isn't just spread through word-of-mouth - it's online, too. Digital marketing changes rapidly. When you’re absorbed with your business, you don’t always have time to learn the ins and outs of getting new leads.

You don’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing for your business’s
. A website that makes scheduling and getting essential information easy for your audience means less stress in your business and more time doing what you love.

Here are 5 key changes you can make to dramatically scale your business in the next three months - all while streamlining your practice.

1. Client-Centric Copy


When a client clicks over to your website, they want to know about the benefits of working with you specifically. Using call-to-actions that speak directly to the wants and needs of your clients is an essential way to build trust and establish a connection with them. 

Reminding potential clients why you're the expert is a powerful way to build your relationship. 

For a chiropractor, saying "visit us for less pain and more 1-on-1 time with your provider" is more relevant to their audience than saying, "Our practice is the best in Bend" because it speaks to your patient's specific reason for visiting.

2. Online Scheduling


Integrating a scheduling tool into your site saves time for both your clients and your staff. A digital app like Calend.ly or Acuity that has clients fill out intake information is a great way to streamline your intake process.

Enabling clients to book an appointment outside of your hours results in a greater number of appointments. A website that makes scheduling appointments and getting essential information easy for clients means less stress in your office and more time doing what you love. 

3. Showcase Your Digital Reputation


Too many practitioners aren’t getting digital reviews and testimonials that reflect the positive things patients say about you in person. This can be daunting since 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends. 

Remember, the best way to grow is by letting others rave about your work!

First, you need to have a strategy in place to both gain positive reviews and respond tactfully to negative reviews if they arise. Create a game plan early on that improves your relationship with your clients, reflects your word of mouth reputation online, and helps your practice establish credibility.

Maintaining an active, informative presence on relevant social media platforms is a great place to start. 

From there, you’ll want to add these reviews as testimonials to your website. You can pepper these into your homepage or feature them together in a page titled “praise” or “past clients”.

4. Humanize Your Business Through Your Web Design in Bend, Oregon


As you may know, many Americans experience anxiety related to their health. In fact, roughly 20% of Americans experience "white coat syndrome," a phenomenon in which blood pressure surges when measured in the doctor’s office due to stress.

Even if you're not doctor, most people experience hesitation before handing their money over, whether it's to a spa or a personal trainer.

Since clients can often feel intimidated before scheduling with someone new, they're likely to browse your website before they pick up the phone. In fact, it may be their stress that’s causing them to browse in the first place. 

Connecting with them on a human level by telling stories. Create personal sections of your website that feature your “why” and the backstory of your business. You can take this a step further by using photos of your office and staff throughout your website. This is an easy way to help you stand apart from other businesses who offer similar services in Bend.

5. Keep it Clean


Easy-to-navigate sites increase your conversion rates, resulting in less confusion for clients and higher appointment rates for you.

The majority of internet users browse online, and mobile users are 5x more likely to abandon your site if it isn't optimized for smartphone viewing. 

Keep your website clean to make it easier on both mobile and desktop. Make sure the navigation bar on your website isn’t cluttered with links patients or referring doctors don’t need.

The layout of each web page should be easy to follow, and your colors should be on-brand and easy on the eye. Use clear, familiar fonts for increased readability so users with poor eyesight and dyslexia can browse comfortably. 

Web Fundamentals Checklist


Now that you know your website is often the first chance you have to make an impression with potential clients, here’s a quick guide detailing the basics of what your site should include.


  • Mobile-responsive. Here's how Google checks.

  • Simple to navigate with current photos, contact information, and regularly updated news.

  • Easy for potential clients to find on search engines.

  • A place where your potential and current clients can go that will encourage them to visit.

Did you pass the basics? If you answered “no” to one or more of the above, you may need an updated website or a new marketing strategy to make your digital presence better reflect your practice, both locally and online.

Uncertain where to start? At Selene Marketing, we will guide you along in the process for more leads and less stress. Contact us to redeem your free strategy session. We look forward to speaking with you soon!